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December 21, 2012--FSEAP Vancouver and Spearhead Executive Coaching partner to offer Executive Coaching Services to FSEAP Clients

The importance of leadership is to guide and lead people to a path of success. FSEAP recognizes that both new and seasoned leaders sometimes need additional support to develop their leadership style, skills, and competencies to effectively lead teams to achieve personal and organizational goals.

FSEAP Vancouver has partnered with Spearhead Executive Coaching to offer executive coaching services to our FSEAP clients and assist leaders in reaching their highest potential.
With a roster of highly qualified executive coaches, Spearhead's executive coaches guide leaders through on-boarding, succession planning, individual and group performance enhancement and strategy development efficiently and effectively. >>Read More.


April 27, 2012--New Addition to FSEAP's Senior Account Management/Workplace Consultation Team

FSEAP Vancouver takes pride in the caliber of our account management team and is delighted to welcome Gregg Taylor, BBA, CHRP, CCDP, to the roll of Senior EFAP Account Manager & Workplace Consultant. Gregg is an experienced human resources professional with over 20 years in business & HR management, adult education, employee development and career & personal counselling.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University of New Brunswick, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Gregg additionally holds the Certified Human Resource Professional and Certified Career Development Practitioner designations. He has extensive experience providing consulting and coaching services to senior management, human resource professionals, and employees with regards to employee development, transition and change management, and downsizing/reorganization initiatives.  Gregg will be working with Joan Ridsdel as our lead staff working to provide top flight account and workplace consulting services. Gregg joined FSEAP in April 2012.


April 26, 2012--Crisis Care Network and FSEAP Partnership Announced!

TORONTO, April 26, 2012 /CNW/ - U.S. critical incident response leader Crisis Care Network (CCN) today announced it is expanding delivery of its services into Canada as of July 1, 2012. This is the first time the company has intentionally developed capabilities outside of the U.S.

Introduced through a strategic alliance with Canadian based employee assistance program (EAP) provider, Family Services Employee Assistance Program (FSEAP), CCN will deliver crisis response interventions to organizations across Canada through a network of local, specially-trained and credentialed providers. CCN has begun an aggressive nation-wide training program to update counselors regarding best practices in the delivery of psychological first aid to the workplace. >>Read More


January 16, 2012--FSEAP's Senior Account Management/Workplace Consultation Team Grows

FSEAP Vancouver takes pride in the caliber of our account management team and is delighted to welcome Joan Ridsdel, M.HRD, RSW, to the roll of Senior EFAP Account Manager & Workplace Consultant. Joan is a Registered Social Worker and holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Development.  She has over 20 years of experience in the social work field, including 10 years as an EFAP Consultant for the Saskatchewan Public Service.  There Joan acted as an internal/external consultant delivering customized EFAP services to both contract and executive government departments.  She has extensive experience providing consulting services to senior management, human resource professionals, unions and employees with regards to workplace issues, change management, downsizing/reorganization initiatives, and performance management.  Joan is also experienced in providing consultation, assessment, coordination, and direct intervention/support services in response to critical incidents within the workplace.  Joan joined FSGV in 2009 where she was the Program Manager/Acting Administrator for the Adoption Program and joined FSEAP in January 2012.

Joan will be working with Julia Moser as our lead staff working to provide top flight account and workplace consulting services.  


September 15, 2011--FSEAP Vancouver Announces the Addition of Life Coaching

Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP) is pleased to announce the addition of Life Coaching to our suite of Work/Life Resources. Life Coaching is a process of personal development and learning, guided by a professional Life Coach.

EFAP's have traditionally focussed on the 10% of today's workforce who may need professional assistance to resolve a personal or work problems. While we continue to emphasize counselling and intervention services as an invaluable component of organizational health, as an integral partner in workplace health, our goal is not only to assist employees with immediate problems, but also to build the skills and capacities of the entire workforce.

The service we offer focuses on building the knowledge and skills of  employees, enabling them to achieve their goals and master life challenges even before they impact their ability to function at home and at work.

A Life Coach assists individuals to focus on their goals, to explore strategies for meeting those goals and to discover and leverage their personal strengths. For organizations, Life Coaching contributes to more balanced, satisfied employees, better working relationships and increased productivity. >>Learn More


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