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What is EAP?

We know that employees are an organization's most valuable resource. When employees aren't working to full capacity, everyone suffers - the organization, the employee and their family. Personal problems that we all face at one time or another, have the potential of interfering with our life, job performance and safety.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential information, counselling, consultation and referral service designed to provide employees and their eligible family members professional assistance to address a wide range of personal, family and work-related concerns.  EAP services are designed to help employees resolve concerns that are interfering with personal or work life functioning.

While FSEAP does work with individuals and families who are experiencing significant challenges in their lives, we also help people with the kinds of everyday issues that we all face from time to time. Many of our clients call because they want to make what's already working, work better.

Who pays for services?
If your employer has an EAP provided by FSEAP then you and eligible family members may use the services included in your program at no cost to you. Your employer pays for it as part of your employee or union member benefits package.*

If your counsellor feels that you need specialized or long-term counselling that is not included in your program, they will make a referral to another service in your community. This referral may involve a fee. Your counsellor will tell you about any additional fees before making a referral.

*Some employer organizations require that a small user fee is paid by the employee. Our counsellor will advise you if any user fee applies to your service.

To find out more about your EAP benefit, just give us a call.




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