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The importance of leadership is to guide and lead people to a path of success. FSEAP recognizes that both new and seasoned leaders sometimes need additional support to develop their leadership style, skills, and competencies to effectively lead teams to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Our executive coaching service assists senior leaders in achieving a mutually identified set of goals to improve professional performance and personal satisfaction, to drive improvements to the effectiveness of the leader's organization. Coaching focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership skills, and moving leaders into behaviours that sustain both their careers and the organization. Providing executive coaching is usually tied to one or more of the following, strategic goals of the organization, succession planning and retention strategies.

Our coaching experts work one-on-one to assist leaders in reach their highest potential by working with them to resolve daily issues and integrate new behaviours.  Through the use of regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions, our coaches help executives and aspiring leaders build a path to success without the high cost of travel or absence from the office.

  • Does your organization want to increase engagement and retention among its leaders?
  • Do you want the leaders in your organization to receive customized one-on-one leadership training?
  • Is your organization interested in increasing measurable leadership performance?

If you answered "yes" to any one of the above questions then we can help.

For more information about the services available to your organization, please call your FSEAP account manager at 1-800-667-0993. 


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