Utilization Reporting
Program Evaluation & Quality Assurance

Program and Account Management

Consistent, effective, and responsive program management is a critical factor in a successful EFAP. FSEAP ensures the successful implementation and operation of your EFAP by assigning a specific individual to be your primary point of contact. This individual, the Program Manager, is a seasoned professional who holds both management and clinical expertise.

The EFAP Program/Account Manager is responsible for all areas of EAP management and development, including:

  • Consultation during program planning and implementation
  • Program promotion (ie. EAP orientations, distribution of promotional material)
  • Coordination of EAP activities (ie. seminars, critical incident response services, etc.)
  • Monitoring and review of EFAP utilization and effectiveness
  • Collection and interpretation of statistical information
  • Provision of Quality Assurance feedback
  • Provision of quarterly newsletters
  • Introduction of new services
  • Negotiation of contract renewal

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have can be discussed with the Program/Account Manager to ensure continuous quality improvement.

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