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Return to Work Services

Return to work services are provided by FSEAP to assist organizations in effectively managing the health and wellness of their employees. These services offer support to the organization and employee alike, addressing issues related to prevention as well as supportive intervention.


Counselling for a wide range of personal, family and work concerns is available, including concerns arising from an employee's physical disability and need to be off work. Services are provided within very strict standards of confidentiality. Information is shared only with the written and informed consent of the client. Counsellors specialize in short term, solution-focused approaches and coordinate with or make referral to other resources as necessary.

Case Management

With an employee's written and informed consent, consultation with doctors, rehabilitation workers, and other involved professionals can be offered to support an employee's effective navigation through the system. While counselling is available to assist employees in defining their needs, assessments regarding an employee's need to be off work or suitability to return are not provided.

Return to Work Process

Assistance in the return to work process is available to encourage employees' smooth and successful return to the workplace. A return to work consultation can be arranged, either face-to-face or by telephone, to assist employees in addressing any issues related to their return to work plan.


Follow-up contact and support is available to employees as needed to help ensure smooth reintegration into the workplace.

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